What is the PARITY trial?

PARITY is the first ever multi-centre, international, prospective randomized trial in the field of orthopaedic oncology. The trial will enroll 600 patients and compare the rates of deep infection in endoprosthetic reconstruction of the lower limb between two post-operative prophylactic antibiotic durations (24 hours and 5 days).

The risk for deep infection is at least 10 times higher in sarcoma reconstructive surgery than in non-cancer reconstructive surgery. Deep infection has devastating effects for patients, often resulting in limb amputation. The research question is based on longstanding uncertainty about the prophylactic antibiotic needs of patients undergoing limb salvage of the lower extremity with endoprosthetic reconstruction. A survey of orthopaedic oncologists determined that although the practice of antibiotic prophylaxis varies from surgeon to surgeon, there is overwhelming support for a randomized trial to answer this clinical question.

Hospitals from around the world are involved in PARITY. Enrolment in the study began in January 2013 and sites have opened to enrolment as they have obtained ethics approval and negotiated inter-site study contracts. Orthopaedic oncologists are challenged by the rarity of the diseases they treat. In order to succeed in meaningful clinical research that can improve the outcome of our patients, multi-centre collaboration is essential. The PARITY team and Methods Centre welcome all investigators to participate in this exciting international research initiative.

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